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Credit Card

Forward progression starts with your own credit worthiness. A healthy credit life is closer than you can imagine. With our team of experts, most can expect a change to your credit file within 30 days. No question is the wrong question when it pertains to your credit! TEXT us, we WANT to create a success story with you!

Online Shopping

With all of the new technology in the world, lenders expect your business to appear up to speed with 2021. Your business should be able to be identified online and with a professional appearance. This is important for the success of your business and also if you expect to do any type of business financing. FST can give your business the professional online appearance you need and establish your EIN, and Duns numbers.

Working Silhouettes

In most cases, seperating yourself from the business is your first step in asset protection. Your most valuable asset is YOU. By forming a legal entity you protect yourself from being personally liable for any business transactions. We offer a free 15 minute business consultation. TEXT to set up your consultation!  

Credit Assessment

Now, it is one thing to make the money.... but what if you could make the money and keep it too?! -or at least most of it.. Our tax specialist have over 10 years experience in helping individuals and small business owners. We utilize ALL tax expenses/ deductions and credits available to ELIMINATE tax debt! Employ us to be your Tax Soultion Specialist.


Attention ALL Truck Drivers: Be Your own BOSS! We are now assisting Truck Drivers with taking their trucking passion and turning it into a business. Your own MC, DOT, CA number and additional certifications. "Information changes situations," and this is an opportunity for change.

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